Why Did USA Ignore Dr York’s Diplomacy?

06/23/2011 22:52


Dr. York, better known as Malachi Kobina York, is another black leader who they stole from us. He, like most Black Leaders, was assassinated by character, never by his works. Dr. York was arrested illegally by a Misnomer name, “Dwight York”, on May 8, 2002 for crimes he did not commit. He was convicted of Child Molestation, Transporting Children across State lines and RICO chargers. He has served 7 years of his 135 year sentence in prison; currently detained in Colorado AD Max Prison.  No evidence was ever brought forth in this case stating he did these things. Witnesses testified lies against York and then they recanted their statements saying that York never molested children or transported them across state lines for anything. Eight of the children victims that the prosecutor named in the indictment were called to the stand to testify, and while being questioned by lawyers, they denied ever being molested by York.  Other children victims were served subpoenas but were never called to the witness stand. The prosecutor knew that the witnesses were going to deny their questions so they didn’t even bother. 

      Malachi Kobina York should had never been arrested or in prison till this day. York, who was born in Takoradi, Ghana West Africa, has a status as an Indigenous American through his patrilineal ancestry to his tribe Yamassee. According to The United States Constitution, Amendment 14th, York is not a citizen of the United States. Malachi York is a citizen of Liberia and accepted a Foreign Diplomatic as a General Counsel of Liberia in 1999 AD. The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, which is an international treaty, protects diplomats worldwide and all judges by oath are obligated to abide by that Supreme Law.  Why, when in the case of Raymond Davis; a man who shot and killed two motorcyclists in Punjab, Lahore, did the United States acknowledge that Raymond had Diplomatic Status of the United States and sent him back to America avoiding him go from being incarcerated in Punjab Criminal Facility, but when Malachi York acknowledge his Diplomacy they ignored it and did not send him back to Liberia to be trailed.

         Why? You may ask. It’s because they know who he is and don't want him to help liberate black people from Europeans oppression. They are afraid how a black leader can unify his race together to live their own ways and theirs.  They are afraid and know that we won’t depend on their systems if we had our own system to follow by. Fear comes to their hearts when they see us not living in their image, not eating their foods, not watching their television while they tell-lies to our vision, not speaking their bastard language. So they must try to tear a black leader’s character apart so that the group can confused and have no direction to go but back to the dependency of the Europeans ways. This cycle of Character assassination has been seen over and over again with our black leaders. York even elaborated on that in the 70’s in a video of him speaking. Shall we let this cycle of them destroying our black leaders continue? Or should we fight to liberate what is true. For Malachi Kobina York has done nothing but good to help people all over the world. Judge a person by their works and reputation not by “He said, she said.” Make sure if you do judge a person by “He said, she said,” then have proof, evidence to back up your claim, which they fail to do in the case of Malachi Kobina York.

Teti Kha Hotep






Dr York

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