The US Penitentiary System

07/19/2011 16:44
Free Dr.Malachi York!!  The penitentiary system in the U.S.A is one of many problems that need solving, even after all these years of this country being established as a "super power".  So many things wrong here.  Innocent people languished in jail.  Guilty people thriving outside.  The system is wack! 
The natives of this country, the indigenous Indians, had a good thing going.  Then the Europeans had to come over here.  Now you have, out of all people, Dr. Malachi Kobina York, a victim of devil crap.  His freedom is a major issue, not just for his students.  In the interest of Ma'at, justice, it's truly imperative for the well being of humanity that Dr. York be free.  The laws of nature and what the Hindus call karma is real.
When Malcolm X said the chickens had come home to roost, there was an uproar made true indeed by his detractors and supporters.  Anybody with a clue at least should address what he meant by it.Why he said it,not just attribute it to,oh hes an insensitive pompous jerk.  Somebody, no, American institutions have dished out massive amounts of violence/wrong doing, and continue to do so.  Slowly yet surely, you will reap what you sow.  FREE DR.YORK!
Khaba Amun Shetep RE



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