The Dr. Malachi Kobina York Foundation and The Diaspora African Forum

01/24/2011 00:25

During the Christmas holiday, the Dr. Malachi Kobina York Foundation passed out over a ton of toys, non perishable food, clothes and other needed items in several regions in the country of Ghana.  In the humanitarian spirit of Dr. York, the brothers and sisters of the Dr. Malachi Kobina York Foundation were moved by the warm welcome and great appreciation shown by the hundreds of men, women and children who surrounded there trucks as they traveled from city to city unloading the donations from members of the Nuwaupian community all over the world. 

They were assisted by Dr. Erieka Bennett, the head of the mission of The Diaspora African Forum.  This organization's major role is to provide a bridge by which the African diaspora can participate in Africa's social and economic redevelopment. 

"Many may not fully recognize that the African Diaspora Nation is within the top 10 richest nations in the world.... We are absolutely abounding with top scientists, engineers, military advisors, medical doctors, social scientists, teachers, financial executives and hard workers....We now add to that knowledge African holistic connection to the land, the language, the culture, the governing bodies, the civil society, and we will make a powerful partner with our brothers and sisters at home." --Dr Erieka Bennett, Head of Mission, Convener of Accra 2004.

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