Raid on the Nuwaupians and Dr. York

01/10/2011 02:50

The following is an excert from an ex-Marine Sergeant and present day Nuwaupian who lived on the Nuwaupian land during the raid on May 8, 2002 A.D.  Read his first hand account of the events of that day...

Semper Fi to Malachi
The Raid Part 1
Imagine (if you will), being the President of the United States of America. A country that is considered by many people on this planet, including myself, to be the most powerful country in the world. A country that demands respect from friend and foe alike. A country that has fought many wars on foreign shores and has dropped tons of bombs on military and civilians alike just so that we can maintain the freedoms that we have here in America and to make sure that if you decided to attack here, you’d better think twice. Many men and women have served this country to help maintain our freedoms. I am one of them. A former Marine Gunnery Sergeant who decided to leave my beloved Corps to join a predominately Black organization to assist in the upliftment of Black People. I had, and still have no hatred of White people. I now over stand their nature. The United States of America, on May 8, 2002, sometime between 3:30 and 4:00 PM launched an attack on American citizens who resided at 404 Shady Dale Road in rural Putnam County, Georgia. The reason that I know the approximate time is because I was preparing to relieve the guard who was scheduled to get off the main gate to the property at 4:00 PM. I am an American citizen.

I was responsible for the security on the land and we always looked forward to the many people in our tribe to assist in helping us with the security to help maintain the peaceful and serene environment that Reverend Malachi Z York had created for us. Reverend York was and still is a Master Teacher. He has devoted his life for the upliftment of black people and any other people who needed assistance in over standing their history, culture, science, math, etc. At the time, we had a shortage of assistance doing security on the land which was a 476 acre Egiptian themed park.  I would be relieving Vincent Jackson, a former Soldier in the United States Army. He traveled from Augusta, approximately a two hour drive to our property to do 4 hours of guard once a week. He provided other services on the land as many of our members did. Some of the women came up and assisted in the beautification of the property. We had events going on just about every day. At this particular time, we were preparing for our annual Saviors Day event. People traveled from all over the globe to come to the event. Aside from the flag pole that flew the American flag and another that flew the church flag, we had 32 flag poles leading from the gate to an area we called the train station. The 32 flag poles represented the countries that had people who ordered books and enjoyed and studied our doctrine of Nuwaupu. Right knowledge. Facts. Our people provided plenty of business for the local Ingles grocery store...

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