Judicial and Prosecutorial Misconduct

03/24/2011 01:24

A judge and a prosecutor, officers of the court,sworn to uphold the law.  Do men make mistakes?  Of course.  Are some actions and words deliberately malicious?  That may be why the term was coined "judicial and prosecutorial misconduct".  The word misconduct is defined as:

  1. wrongful,  improper behavior, not conforming to prevailing standards or laws.
  2. dishonest or bad management especially by persons entrusted or engaged to act on anothers behalf.
  3. deliberate wrong doing, especially by government or military officials.

In Dr. Malachi York's case, this man was indicted and locked away in the penitentiary with sworn witnesses to the judicial and prosecutorial misconduct.  The readers of this and many articles like it are implored to research the FACTS of this matter.  The accusations of such behavior are not made lightly, if ANY individual in the same or similar situation was a victim of what Dr.York is a victim of, they would want to have the details known and presented to a higher court and or authority to bring about justice.  There should be an overturning of the guilty charge, and Dr.York should be FULLY acquited of ALL charges that led to his imprisonment. Truth is truth.  It has been reiterated over and over.DR.York was

  • denied bail
  • his diplomatic status was ignored
  • charged as guilty by"judge claude hicks before a trial even began
  • illegal grand jury convened as wella
  • added on false federal R.I.C.O charge
  • recantation of former accusers:court proceedings held on federal holiday(MLK jr holiday)
  • unfair biased media coverage repeatedly,increasing likelyhood of an unfair trial
  • no physical evidence to support any charges,all hearsay and slander
  • intimidation of so called victims and potential witnesses
  • false confesson
  • inaccurate statements

and so much more.





Dr York

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