Help the Positive Media Campaign

03/15/2011 04:47

Greetings my brothers and sisters,


This is Huni Sen Atum-RE.  I have a way for all of us to help our Master Teacher.  Several Nuwaupians have come together to help change the negative information related to our Master Teacher, H.E. Dr. Malachi Kobina York.  With the tremendous research by out brother Ptah RE Amun, we have a opportunity to increase our web presence.  We are not making an effective enough effort to spread the word about our Master Teacher, H.E. Dr. Malachi Kobina York.  What do I mean?  Last month, the keyword "dr york" was searched 90,000 times last month.  If you search that keyword, pages from our main sites ( do not appear in the first couple of pages.

That means that we missed the opportunity to reach 90,000 people who were looking for information about us.  What those people ran across was information from other sources, many not controlled by Nuwaupians.  We can change this and control this form of media and reach people who are actually looking to learn about us.

How do we do it?  Many people in Decatur may be familiar with the brother Ptah Re Amun.  He introduced what was called the "Positive Media Campaign."  He has done extensive research on how web pages get ranked and how to push web pages to the top spot.  We can implement this so when people search a keyword related to us or our Master Teacher and our community, all they will see is information from US!

How do you help?  All you have to do is submit short articles, roughly 200 to 400 words or more about the case, your experiences as a Nuwaupian, your experiences with the Master Teacher, etc...  Email them to this web address,, and the techniques the brother has learned will be put into to play to make our sites number 1.  Submit them in a word document or a text document.  Don't have a word processing program, no problem.  Your email account is a word processor.  Just send it in the form of an email.

Just submit your name, your email address, and your article.  It will be used to create relevant content to help boost up our main sites.  This is all you have to do  Submit an article a day, one every two days, once a week, just consistently submit information that we can use for our own Positive Media!  What else are you doing for the Master Teacher???  If the answer is NOTHING, then you should jump on board and write something daily.

If there are any questions, just send me an email and I will do my best to answer any questions.  So let's take over our stuff and tell our story ourselves.  Information can be used from the books "Man of Many Faces" and "The Kidnapping of Dr York".  Use these as a reference for articles.  DON'T copy verbatim from either of these books.  Make your articles as accurate as possible.  Let's do this together in Love and Unity.




Dr York

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