Free Dr. York

09/07/2011 16:03
When I reflect back on the trial of Dr. Malachi K. York, it was like watching a poorly written horror movie, all the discrepancies, inconsistencies, and blatant lies.  Now I fully understand the reason for suppressing national and worldwide media attention. Dr. York's attorney requested an open trial, but was denied that right. If the world could have seen how bogus his trial was, they would have questioned the sanity of our whole judicial system.  They would have witnessed how the trial was based on innuendos with no concrete evidence.  Witnesses were coerced and rehearsed to lie for the prosecution.
Also, when one of the key witnesses, Abigail "Habiba" Washington, on April 23, 2004  made a series of video tapes along with several other former prosecution witnesses exposing the lies that were told, she was harassed and threaten by the prosecution.  She was blocked from giving testimony in favor of Dr. York. The Judges in the trials were overtly biased. This included Judges C. Ashley Royal passing a note to a juror instructing her to convict. 
When is enough, enough? How long are we going to sit idly by and let justice be injustice? The incarceration of Malachi K. York is our incarceration. This is indicative of us as the Negroid Race.  There are many of our people trialed and found guilty erroneously. However, this is the day, the hour, the minute, the second to say that we are going to use the same legal system to "set this record straight".  Let us make it resonance throughout the world we are going to FREE OUR MASTER TEACHER and thus freeing ourselves!
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