False Allegations Against Dr. Malachi York

06/13/2011 19:34

As many who have had the privilege of living around the "Master Teacher”, Malachi Z. York. You know it is not uncommon to see him at all hours of the Day or Shadow hour as he takes breaks from writing a new books. You look forward to seeing him because of the energy you receive from him and the wisdom that he is sure to give.

During the construction of Hathors Studio one such moment occurred and it has stuck with me ever since, When Malachi Z York entered the studio his voice resonated through the hall of the Studio and all attention was directed toward him, as he made a few jokes with the brothers standing near the entrance before turning his attention to the art work on the walls. He began to speak of a future time, A time when he would no longer be with us and a empty feeling came over me as it did the rest of the Brothers in the room by the looks on their faces. He talked about a bout how Black Leaders and organizations are attacked and brought down with the use of Sexual allegations, even after the leader is dead and gone they continue to attack the leader and their organizations. Their whole purpose is to take any validity from the words any of the leaders who have truly made or make positive changes in the lives people and you can see that as resent as, not only with Malachi K York but the newly released book based on the life of Malcolm X.

These are the same allegations that have been used against great men such as Martin Luther King and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The one thing in common about all of the leaders mentioned is that, they have effected positive change in the masses unifying people from multiple back rounds. Ba’ Ba’ also told us that they would come and take him away and we as a Nation would not do any thing to stop them, and at that point he made it clear that he was not talking about stopping them as in “Waco” Texas, but by not staying together as a Family. We are forgetting the core of what he has taught us “Nuk Qadur najuh amma Qusam-un shil paa paut Wu Khabub amma Shakhas-un” and until we realize this as a nation we will continue to fail the Master Teacher. I am sure as people read this we will justify what we are doing but I say this, as a whole we are failing if Dr. Malachi K York is not free. Unity is the key to his and our Freedom.




Dr York

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