Dr. York Foundation

12/29/2010 20:34

We have wonderful news from Ghana.  With all of the donations sent in from family around the world, it added up to hundreds of pounds that served thousands of underprivileged children and families in Ghana.


The donations we as a family collected were distributed to individuals, families, organizations, and villages throughout Ghana on behalf of Malachi Kobina York.  


So happy were the people that they shouted Free Malachi York. The Dr. Malachi Kobina York Foundation would like to thank each and every person who donated new and gently used items in order to make these last days of giving possible.


Soon, we will be sending pictures via email and posting them up on our new website drmalachiyorkfoundation.org which is currently under construction.


We have another chance to help Dr. Malachi Kobina York.  Click the link below and you will find a petition to be completed and signed.  The petitions will be collected and delivered to the Ghanaian government.


 Please do not mail the petitions directly there as we both need and expect everyone's cooperation in proceeding orderly to assist in the Master Teacher's freedom.


If you have any issues opening the link please email info@drmalachiyorkfoundation.org.


The petition pdf can be found here https://www.unwonline.com/MalachiKobinaYorkGhanaianPetition.pdf




Dr York

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