Dr. York and the Nuwaupians Fight Sheriff Sills and the Eatonton Pact

01/22/2011 05:36

It appears that Sheriff Sills has a knack for obtaining approaches to blame the Nuwaupian community for every little thing that happens! In an advertisement placed in The Monticello News, Vol. 120, Number. forty eight, Page 9, Dec. 3, 1998 Edition, by Brenda Williams, a Concerned Citizen of Eatonton, indicated her scenery over the unfair treatment of the Nuwaupians by Sheriff Sills. Ms. Williams thought a need to communicate how she thought about the racist and biased treatment of the Nuwaupians by Sheriff Sills to inform the people the other facet of the tale from which these folks had been pressure fed from|the puppetized local and neighboring newspapers who are guided by Sheriff Sills' command.  Ms. Williams openly admitted to composing the article and that she was not communicating  in any way with the Nuwaupians.

Apparently somebody took the article and e-mailed it to many information agencies, periodicals, and newspapers world- wide via the internet. On Dec. 4, 1998, in a swift response to the article, The Union Recorder featured two headline content articles in big bold letters and color pictures.  One was entitled "Mass Email To Media Targets Sills-Internet Message Includes Fake Newspaper Masthead" authored by Judy Bailey. The other article was "Sills: Article Has Gone Way Too Far," authored by Jena Frazier. As stated earlier, Ms Williams was the writer of the article, that she openly admitted. True to form, in the 2nd column, 2nd paragraph of Judy Bailey's article it reads "Georgia Press Association Attorney David E. Hudson mentioned, “The mock report violates a state copyright law. I think if these folks represent as the legal organ..." See the game? If Brenda Williams compiled the article, why did David Hudson say "They", when Brenda Williams is an individual? This is another way of falsely implicating the Nuwaupians as the start of the article, to simply possess another reason to assault them with racism and hate.

Brenda Williams was exercising  her privilege and appropriate as an United states citizen to convey her opinion. Yet, the Eatonton "Pact" insists upon naming the Nuwaupians as the source. Why did Jena Frazier, author for The Union- Recorder, contact Mr. Thomas Chism, the then Spokesman for the Eatonton branch, and ask him if he recognized every little thing about the article, if Ms. Williams stated in the article that she compiled it? It ought to be really simple to see, if Mr. Chism, the Spokesman for the Nuwaupians instructed her the Nuwaupians had nothing to do with it, that must possess been it, appropriate? Nevertheless, the implication was still put in the newspaper; this is which is meant by biased, one-sided reporting.

This is a region exactly where you are innocent right up until established guilty. It just appears really out of the ordinary that this reporter's first action was to call Tama-RE, Egypt of the West, Beneath THE PRETENSE Which These folks Have been GUILTY. It appears the past immoral and unlawful acts that the Eatonton "Pact" has swept underneath the rug for a lot of years is now so big that absolutely everyone notices it now. Which was when a local problem that was talked about in a small town in non-urban Georgia, has now been brought to the extra attention of national and international advertising thank you to the untiring efforts of Sheriff Sills and his piece of minions in Eatonton, GA. It appears that now the Eatonton "Pact" has much more to encounter than the Nuwaupians, these folks possess the every day citizens of Eatonton, Ga, who possess now awaken to their unfair dealings!




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