The Kidnapping of Dr. York

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On Wednesday May 8, 2002 the largest raid ever seen in the United States of America took place on 404 Shady Dale Road in Eatonton, Georgia. The raid involved over 300 heavily armed agents from the FBI, the Alcohol, Tobacco and Fire Arms agency, the GBI, the Putnam County Sheriff Department, Newton County Sheriff Department, the Jones County Sheriff Department, and the Baldwin County Sheriff Department armed with machine guns, head mask, body shields, and tear gas. This raid was triggered by a federal investigation of someone by the name of "Dwight D. York" according to the arrest warrant. Eyewitness May 8th 2002 *It was like something you see on the news, like a war in Iraq, people with the guns running in. That's how I basically seen it. *I had hid under the bed and I was scared. I thought like I was about to die and that's when they bust open our room door.  

 These tragic events are extensively detailed in the 376 page book, "The Kidnapping of Dr. York", describing the events that lead up to and following the case of Dr. Malachi Kobina York.  the book is authored by Ml. Diemiruaya O. Deniran.  This is an excellent book and a must read for all individuals who are interested in the truth and fighting injustice.  If you would like more information on the case of Dr. Malachi Kobina York, please visit               


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