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Welcome to our site, dedicated to explaining the story of Dr York, a great teacher who has been falsely accused by a system designed to destroy any African leadership.  Learn the events that lead to the arrest and bogus conviction of Dr. York.


Dr York has served 15 out of an astonishing 135 year sentence for a crime proven by neither physical nor DNA evidence, but based solely on flawed testimony. The trial was sealed from the public; meaning there was no public gallery throughout the entire proceedings; and illegally adjudicated by a proven biased judge. To add insult to an already fatal injury, the presiding Judge, Justice C. Ashley Royal -– who should have been subject to recusal due to a conflict of interest—- held trial on the Federal public holiday “Martin Luther King Day” and added icing to his proverbial cake by sealing the trial transcripts from public access.  Since serving this life until death sentence, Dr York has been victim to “torturous” treatment and “torturous” living conditions.  Despite numerous appeals, the government continues to ignore their blatant violation of Dr York’s 8th Amendment Constitutional Right which, in particular, protects him from Acts of Cruel and Unusual Punishment. 


Raid on the Nuwaupians and Dr. York

01/10/2011 02:50
The following is an excert from an ex-Marine Sergeant and present day Nuwaupian who lived on the Nuwaupian land during the raid on May 8, 2002 A.D.  Read his first hand account of the events of that day...   Semper Fi to Malachi The Raid Part 1   Imagine (if you will), being the...


Dr. York Foundation

12/29/2010 20:34
We have wonderful news from Ghana.  With all of the donations sent in from family around the world, it added up to hundreds of pounds that served thousands of underprivileged children and families in Ghana.   The donations we as a family collected were distributed to individuals, ...


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